4 Latinas Who Know Style

Being Latina is not just about customs, family and food. Being on trend is also part of our DNA. We owe this partly to our divas, who, with their talent and fame, have managed to open doors to Latinas and Lations in various industries. In fashion, uber-glam belles like Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz have created a style of their own and have influenced women around the world.

We spoke with designer Yohanna Gursey, who has her fashion own line and has designed gowns for beauty queens in the U.S. and Dominican Republic alike. Here’s what she said about the Latinas that lead the pack in the fashion world today.

JLo: Fresh and Bold

“With her style, Jennifer Lopez is one of the Latinas that have transcended and reached women across all levels of communities,” says Gursey. “She is sexy and daring in her choices -- a lot of Latinas emulate her style.”

For Latinas to look sexy, it’s not necessary to wear tight-fitting outfits to show off curves, says Gursey. There are many pieces that enhance and showcase a curvy figure in an elegant yet way. For this season, Gursey recommends dresses and pants that cinch at the waist and have a loose fit toward the bottom. 

Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz Rule Sophistication

Gursey defines Hayek’s and Cruz’s style as sophisticated and designed to inspire women who want to look elegant and glamorous. “They embrace a very European look,” says Gursey. “They also dress in Oscar de la Renta, which features an elegant aesthetic.”

Sofia Vergara: Sexy Meets Classy

“Sofia Vergara is very sexy and very sophisticated,” says Gursey. “She is hot, not because she is super-sexy, but because she stands out when she needs to.”

To look like Sofia Vergara, Gursey recommends that you understand your body type well. “If we already have curves, we don’t need to go for pant and skirt styles that are skin-tight,” says Gursey. Because if we do, it’s easy to start looking vulgar, she cautions. And that’s something you definitely want to avoid, as the classy, sexy, beautiful Latina that you are!