3 Stylish Fall Outfits We Love!

Whether it’s a pair of riding boots or a classic tweed jacket, rediscovering a favorite piece when unpacking your fall wardrobe can be just the thing to help you accept what you’re losing as we enter the chilly season -- sunny days, little dresses, the list goes on.

To make the transition to lower temps even smoother, this year, try something new: Instead of packing up your summer lights and brights, keep them at the ready. Your wardrobe will be bigger (twice the size, to be exact), and you’ll find so many chic pairings you didn’t even know you had! Call it a little fashion therapy, in the name of a happy-as-ever summer-to-fall. Here are three summer-fall pairings we’re loving right now.

1. Cowboy Boots
The secret to wearing the new cowboy boots right? Pair them with summer dresses or fall skinnies to show them off in all their glory. But skip other Western trends to avoid looking a little too country.

2. The Classic Shirtdress                                 
This season’s shirtdress is the perfect piece to take you stylishly into fall. Pair it with new scarves, printed leggings and embellished leather booties.

3. The Chambray Shirt

Chambray is in -- and why not? It works day and night, season after season, every which way. Among our favorites: matched with chiffon for summer, doubled-up for fall. (Think layered shirts in high-contrast washes.)

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