Exclusive Interview: Ana Layevska

Ana Layevska is one of those actresses you remember for her work, not scandals surrounding her personal life. Currently, she stars in the popular novela “Dama y Obrero,” personifying Ignacia Santamaría, a woman who falls in love with the wrong guy. Ana, who’s currently taping, took some time to speak with Nuestra Gente about her career, her goals and her dreams.

Nuestra Gente: What has been the most difficult part of playing Ignacia?
Ana Layevska
: A couple of things. First, I would say thinking like an engineer, which is very different from my own mental structure -- I am not a numbers person. Ignacia is also in a huge predicament because she falls in love with a construction worker, and it’s very hard on her. Also, as part of having a lead role, you have to look your best in every scene. So I have to be cautious of the hair, the makeup … every little detail matters!

NG: What qualities does this character share with Ana Layevska?
Not many. I tend to prefer characters that don’t have many things in common with me. But I can identify with this one in the way she has gone about her career. Both of us have accomplished things on our own, with nobody’s help -- we are both very responsible and very professional.

NG: Have you ever set your sights on a construction worker?

AL: No, but there are always exceptions. At the end of the day, what matters is not what you work at, but your qualities as a human being. There can be instances when you fall for someone who is different, especially in countries like the United States or Europe, where there are less prejudices against things like social class.

NG: What brings you the most pride about your career?
Having a faultless career. I haven’t been involved in scandals. I am usually asked about my career and not about any scandals or gossip, which I am thankful for; for some reason I have been able to stay away from tabloid gossip. Also, the fact that I continue being asked to be part of productions; I feel proud to be called because what I’ve achieved has been a result of my work.

NG: How have you managed to stay away from tabloid scandals?
Just by completely keeping away from them. I feel I live in a different dimension; I am always the last one to find out about scandals, and I don’t even follow the gossip. I kind of live in my own world, and I think it’s a good quality to have. I love to act and I really get into my characters, I don’t do it to be on TV.

NG: What do you do when things you don’t like are published about you?
It makes me laugh, really. I have encountered my share of paparazzi -- they can make up a romantic relationship about you and your best friend just because they saw you grabbing dinner or lunch. I have been in situations that aren’t necessarily compromising but certainly complicated.

NG: Do those things make you angry?

It doesn’t bother me, but it can affect my friendships, because I always have to say, “Sorry, don’t take this the wrong way, but this tabloid released this, and now they think we’re a couple,” but as of now I haven’t had any incident that is too compromising.

NG: What is the secret to being a good actress?
Loving the career and what you do. That desire of knowing the characters to their core. Every time I went on a casting what motivated me the most was not saying I’m doing this because I deserve it, but because I really wanted to do it and live it, because this career is not easy at all. There are many times when you are up, and there are others when you are down, and there is a lot of uncertainty. It’s important to ask for help -- you can’t think that you can do everything by yourself, and looking good helps. Taking care of your body, which is your main instrument, is very important.

NG: How do you take care of yourself?
I need sleep -- that is my main thing. For my sleeping hours, I would sacrifice everything: If I had an incredible party for my birthday, I would cancel it, because I am incapable of neglecting my rest. I also try to eat very healthy. During the week I am cautious of what I eat, and I relax a little on the weekends. The most important thing to be successful is to not let the success get to you, but to take advantage of it to help others.   

NG: How do you balance your personal life and your career?
It’s not easy. You need to have the right person by you -- someone who understands what an actor has to go through when they are working. In some cases, I’ve had to seclude myself to understand a character, but it is always important to have all the cards on the table about what this career entails. I’m always very open about it when it comes to what my career imposes.

Are you in a relationship right now?
Yes, I am with the right person right now, and I am very happy.

NG: Switching topics, do you like to cook?

I am horrible in the kitchen, and I really don’t like it. I really think it’s a waste of time. I have cooked only once, when I decided to host some of my cast mates from “Relaciones Peligrosas,” a novela I was in last year. That was the only time I cooked.

NG: What are your personal and professional dreams?
On the personal level, I would like to have a great family. I want to have two kids and be really happy. On the professional level, I would love to participate in movies with great characters. I don’t want to stay on television, I want to do different projects. I have been doing novelas for sixteen years and I love it, but I really want to try new things.